Interflight-LEGAL L.L.C offers an effective resolution for safety concerns:
USOAP audits that focus on a State’s capability to provide effective safety oversight capabilities to certified and registered airlines, air carriers, operators, Airman, maintenance and training organizations. Assessing whether the State has effectively and consistently implemented the critical elements mandatory by Universal safety oversight system and determining the State’s level of implementation of ICAO’s safety-related Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) associated procedures and guidance material.

Interflight-LEGAL L.L.C offers a systematic auditing, evaluation and verification process, following ICAO, USOAP program and IATA /IOSA requirements for Air carriers/Airlines and Operators, certification and recertification.

Providing Effective Resolution of safety concerns, offering a complete recertification and certification Master, action plan for national and international aviation. Combining certification for Operators, Airlines and air carriers needs with the National Civil Aviation Authorities (NCAA), certification and recertification requirements.

Providing direct and effective guidelines for resolution of safety concerns, operational needs, forms, Operation Manuals, Training manuals. Tailored technical documentation for specific Airlines and Operators to maintain AOC or AOC recertification.

Providing a complete training, certification and specific forms for specific Simulator (FSTD’s 777/787, 737NG) Line flight Instructors (TRI), Simulator (SFI) and line Flight Examiners (TRE’s, SFE’s). Training Centers specifications, Training manuals, recertification and certification of foreign training Organizations.

Interflight-LEGAL L.L.C, has proactively developed a Master and Action plan that will ensure to ICAO contracting state , Airline, operator or Air Carrier (operating under AOC), to be compliant with ICAO standards.

Technical data produced by ICAO, FAA, EASA, JAA, IATA and World Wide National Aviation Authorities, are available in the public media, and social networks. For the NCAA eight critical elements of a state aviation safety oversight system. Including the essence of ICAO continuous monitoring (CMA), constant monitoring and SMS safety management system beyond 2020.

The Master and action plan phases or resolution of safety concerns are:

  1. Completion of the State National Aviation Authority Questionnaire and check list
  2. ICAO Audit Protocol Questions (PQs) which is in essence a detailed self-audit, aimed to identified all technical deficiencies to be addressed, such as policy and procedural review and amendment, including SMS
  3. Aviation lay/Act and specific state Regulation Development are the fast tracking of any outstanding regulatory developments complying with new ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs).
  4. ICAO CC & EFOD. The review and update of the ICAO Compliance Checklists and the electronic
    Filing of Differences (CC and EFOD)
  5. Finding filing and reporting to ICAO Significant Differences. Submission of all significant differences, publication in the AIP as per AIRAC
  6. Review feedback and implementation of corrective measures, SMS implementation.