Interflight-Legal L.L.C. technical team, produce a comprehensive road map to guide Air carriers, Airlines, Operators, General Aviation and NCAA Civil Aviation Authorities, to resolve safety oversight findings, update NCAA obligations, up-date air operator certificate AOC, recertification for training organizations, FSTD Flight simulators TRE/TRI certification. Corrective measures through a systematic verification system, an effective SMS system, provides Effective Resolution of safety concerns, supporting all Aviation inspection and certification needs for Training organizations, flight operations and Safety oversight compliance Obligations to ICAO contracting States.

This includes World Wide coverage, according with ICAO, geographical distribution, Regional offices in conjunction with ICAO safety oversight Program. Aviation safety is the core of Interflight-Legal L.L.C as fundamental Objectives, in close collaboration with the entire air transport community, to further improve aviation’s successful safety performance, complaint with International standards, supporting contracting states, National Civil Aviation Authorities maintaining a high level of capacity and efficiency.

Tailored Documents

  1. Primary Aviation Legislation (Tailored Aviation law/act for specific State/Country NAA-National need covering all International ICAO requirements)
  2. Specific Regulations (Tailored NAA, National Aviation Authority Regulations, Specific for NAA State needs, complying with ICAO standards)
  3. Safety Oversight Master/Action Plan. State /Country NAA- National Aviation Authority, Tailored safety Oversight Master Plan/Action Plan, SMS Safety Management System to comply with ICAO, FAA, EASA, JAA, IATA international obligations
  4. NAA-Inspector’s Technical Qualifications and training programs and support (State/Country NAA-Inspectors, Flight Operations Inspectors, Airworthiness, Legal, Licensing)
  5. Technical Guidance (Document Service) for State/Country NAA, Flight Operations Inspectors, Airworthiness, Legal, Licensing
  6. Air Carrier Certification (New start-up AOC, renewal, Training centers, FSTD simulator certification, Operation and Training Manuals, TRI-TRE , line Instructor’s, examiner’s, simulator instructor and examiner certification. Operations specifications
  7. NAA/SMS State/Country Certification, Inspectors and Auditors Surveillance, Safety Management Systems design and implementation
  8. Effective Resolution of safety concerns