1. Customers.-Interflight-L.L.C. offers to National Civil Aviation authorities (NAA). Airlines, Air carriers and General Aviation a complete road map to an effective resolution of safety concerns.
  2. Services.- Interflight L.L.C. have completed a variety of Airline OPERATIONS MANUAL, Airline TRAINING MANUAL, FSTD CERTIFICATION (Flight Simulators, inspection, audit, certification and recertification, SFI, SFE simulator instructors and examiners certification and recertification), Inspection, evaluation and certification, Airline FOREIGHN TRAINING ORGANIZATION, Airline Training Facility, MAINTENANCE ORGANIZATION (MRO) inspection, audit, Certification and recertification, Airline Maintenance Manual, RVSM, MEL ,SMS Safety Management System Manual’s, AOC recertification, new AOC certification, are now available, created and customized for each specific Airline, operator or National Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), with or without reported safety concerns, pre-audit evaluation, recertification, for actual or new operators/organization certification.
  3. New AOC (Air Operator Certification), AOC recertification, IATA, IOSA pre-audit inspection audit or certification. Airline or NCAA Training Manual, FSTD certification and recertification, International Training Organization, TRI (Type Rating Instructors), TRE (Type Rating Examiners).
  4. Price.- Special Pricing starting from $ 5,000
  5. Quick Delivery time
  6. Tailored Document services;
    1. Primary Aviation Legislation (Tailored Aviation law/act for specific State/Country NAA-National need covering all International ICAO requirements)
    2. Specific Regulations (Tailored NAA, National Aviation Authority Regulations, Specific for NAA State needs, complying with ICAO standards)
    3. Safety Oversight Master/Action Plan. State /Country NAA- National Aviation Authority, Tailored safety Oversight Master Plan/Action Plan, SMS Safety Management System to comply with ICAO, FAA, EASA, JAA, IATA international obligations
    4. NAA-Inspector’s Technical Qualifications and training programs and support (State/Country NAA-Inspectors, Flight Operations Inspectors, Airworthiness, Legal, Licensing)
    5. Technical Guidance (Document Service) for State/Country NAA, Flight Operations Inspectors, Airworthiness, Legal, Licensing
    6. Air Carrier Certification (New start-up AOC, renewal, Training centers, FSTD simulator certification, Operation and Training Manuals, TRI-TRE , line Instructor’s, examiner’s, simulator instructor and examiner certification. Operations specifications
    7. NAA/SMS State/Country Certification, Inspectors and Auditors Surveillance, Safety Management Systems design and implementation
    8. Effective Resolution of safety concerns
  7. Coverage. – This includes World Wide coverage, according with ICAO, geographical distribution, Regional offices in conjunction with ICAO safety oversight Program. Aviation safety is the core of Interflight-Legal L.L.C as fundamental Objectives, in close collaboration with the entire air transport community, to further improve aviation’s successful safety performance, complaint with International standards, supporting contracting states, National Civil Aviation Authorities maintaining a high level of capacity and efficiency.
  8. Technical support Aviation World Programs. – Interflight-Legal L.L.C provides Technical support in the following Global ICAO strategies:
    1. Compliance as ICAO contracting State or Sovereign State, with ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan and the Global Air Navigation Plan
    2. Supporting and providing guidance for development, maintenance and implementation of State or National Civil Aviation Authority Standards, complaint with ICAO recommended Practices and Procedures applicable to international civil aviation activities, contained in 16 Annexes and 4 PANS (Procedures for Air Navigation Services), Manuals and Circulars related to safety oversight monitoring obligations.
    3. Providing Guidance and technical support for monitoring and resolving safety trends and indicators, providing effective resolutions to findings during ICAO audits. Resolving findings providing immediate and cost effective support for the implementation of ICAO Standard, Recommended Practices and Procedures through its Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme, with tailored set of documents, certification and SMS program development.
    4. AOC-Provides Technical support for new/renewal Air Operators Certificate and procedures for continuing safety oversight of commercial and non-commercial organizations including ramp, flight and facility inspections.
      It also includes oversight of the structure of ICAO, EASA (TCO Programs), FAA (IASA programs) together with public documentation issued by the international Aviation Organizations, including the ICAO Convention, Annexes and Documents, EU Regulations and Directives as well as EU-OPS/JARS
    5. Flight Operations Inspector FOI oversight techniques, auditing procedures
    6. ETOPS operations and Approval training courses.
    7. Design and implementation of Quality Systems and Safety Management Systems in conjunction with State Safety Programs.
    8. TRI, TRE, FOI On-The–Job (OJT) training and certification are Based in local NCAA requirements General rules for examiners, including specific requirements for the TRE, CRE, SFE and FIE. For each type of license, for the IR, for class and type ratings to become a flight examiner (FE(A), FE(H), TRE(A), TRE(H), CRE, IRE, SFE(A), SFE (H) or FIE
    9. Technical support in specific fields of Aviation regulatory and operator’s field
      • Basic Aviation Legislation (Based in the ICAO Convention, Annexes, Documents and recommended Practices)
      • Specific Regulations (JAR-OPS/EASA, EU-OPS, FAA/FARS, JAR-FCL) procedures Implementation Rules and NPAs.
      • EASA TCO Program , pre-audits
      • AOC issue, recertification and oversight.
      • TRI/TRE training and certification (NCAA’s specifications)
      • Cabin Safety Oversight
      • NCAA Ramp Inspections on the job training
      • FOI in Flight Inspections
      • Cockpit Crew Training programs and certification
      • CRM and Aircrew Training Standardization
      • FDM (Flight Data Monitoring), training and certification NCAA/Operators specific requirements
      • Airline Financial Structure Dry/Wet Leasing
      • NCAA Manufactures/NCAA’s MMELs certifications and approvals
      • NCAA’s Continued airworthiness Aircraft maintenance program NCAA/SMS
      • TR/TO certification and Auditing techniques
      • NCAA/Airline, Operators Safety Management System Development and certification
      • NCAA’s/Airlines Quality Systems development and certification